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So I just watched Community’s season’s finale.

… did they figure out that their best bet to get renewed was to make the Jeff/Annie shippers crazy and do everything possible to help the show?

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"I don’t think that’s the expression."

my friend hasn’t seen the episode yet and i just told her how shit it was, but i won’t spoil her.

she’s about to start, and she just wrote me “i’m afraid barney and robin will split up. THAT would make me mad”

oh poor, poor girl.

jannetsnakeholes asked: Whats your opinion on the HIMYM finale


I hated it. The only character that got even a somewhat satisfying ending was Marshall. Lily ended up having 3 kids when she could barely handle Marvin and I’m sure she’s not working on her art or teaching career. Barney got divorced, literally had all of his character development erased and then had a child, which apparently completely changed him and developed him in all the ways Robin couldn’t, which is so much bullshit I can’t even touch. TED, the most romantic man in the world TED MOSBY, met the love of his life and didn’t even bother to marry her until after their two children. Like come on does that really sound like the Ted we spent 9 years watching? Only to have her die and then him be like yknow I never really got over Aunt Robin WTF?! So what was happening that entire time he was with the mother? WHAT HAPPENED TO LETTING ROBIN GO?! Also, The Mother was literally the biggest waste of time. Her entire purpose was to give Ted the kids Robin couldn’t and then they killed her. I don’t even think I can talk about Robin because they completely destroyed her. I refuse to believe that her and Barney would not have found a way to make it work. It’s made even worse by the fact that both the loves of her life (Barney and Ted) were made happy by the one thing Robin couldn’t give them. Also, does anyone remember Ted’s ‘Robin was never alone’ speech? She looked pretty fucking alone to me every time they showed her (which was like twice hahahahaha).

Basically, the moral of the story is the purpose of women is to have children and if you can’t pop a baby out, you’re useless. 

My issue is that this would have been a plausible ending after season 2 or 3, but at some point HIMYM became a different show and this ending was tailored to the original creation. There’s no way Carter and Craig truly thought that was a satisfying ending. I just think it’s lazy on their parts to not have fixed the ending when it became clear how ludicrous it was at this point. Like I honestly felt like that entire finale happened in a different timeline. 

— Everybody who watched the season finale of How I Met Your Mother (via asexualtrekkie)


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Hmm so I just finished watching the first part of the HIMYM finale and???


wow fuck you?????



You’ve flown so far, further than anyone. The things you’ve seen…. the darkness. The Big Bad Wolf.

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when you hear people talking about your fandoms in public


how is this so unbelievably accurate

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