David Tennant in the new What We Did On Our Holiday trailer (x)

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i’m filling out an application for an internship and they ask me, for each language i speak, when/how i learned it.

should i write “x-files smut fics” next to “english”?

Currently doing a rewatch of season 6 of The X-Files (my last rewatch was s1-5 five years ago). While some people are freaked out by the opening credits, I find it sooo comforting. <3 It’s like having an old friend back in my life.


I am sorry as much as I love him, I could not handle him being my boss at any work place. I would get nothing done, and I probably be fired within the first week for being distracted by his hotness.

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Litchfield inmates: [3/??] Poussey Washington
↳ “I’m gonna make them cry all right. Make em’ cry like they going through a haunted house! A haunted house called life!
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reasons i love david tennant’s hamlet (1/)
↳   that crown

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a strong female character is one who is defined by her own characteristics, history and personality, and not solely by the actions or needs of other characters. she is a person in the story, not a prop. x

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